Monday, October 26, 2009

Marketing to Women –For Advisors

Marketing to women can be a profitable marketing niche for financial advisors as they tend to be one of the most underserved markets.  Think of it this way – during divorce, who gets the expert professionals? The CPA, the financial advisor, the property and casualty agent, the estate planning attorney, and the banker – they all go with the husband since he, more than likely, has maintained the relationship all those years.

Women come out of divorce seeking advisors in every area of their lives. For the most part, boomer women have not had a firm hold on their finances. They need you. They've got to figure out where they stand financially and then decide what to do with their assets.  

Provide Information
When marketing to women, it's very important to provide abundant information. This means that you must have a well written biography that talks about your expertise and the WIIFM. Don't just say who you are and what you do. Give examples of Case Studies of why your clients came to you how you have helped them.

Your Online Presence
Women will seek information from various sources and compare and contrast before making a decision. Often times they will do this anonymously through your website and social media sites. So make sure you have an impressive site that "sounds" good from a woman's perspective and that your social media is up to date. Be sure to say you work with women.

The new woman investor doesn’t like be talked down to so make sure your copy is not condescending. Keep it free from industry jargon and complicated terms.

Understand Women
I usually recommend that my clients target one to three niche markets to position their practice apart from the crowd. If you are considering targeting women, here are two resources for marketing to women:

ICF-Credentialed Business Coach
Prosperity Coaching LLC

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