Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How Advisors Can Attract Wealthy Clients

Don't we all want to work with wealthy clients? More assets, less hassle, more income, and lots of wealthy friends. But do you know how to attract the rich? Many advisors think it's through the way they look or what they drive or the appearance of their offices. But it's really simpler than that.

You can attract wealthy clients by your business model. If you are paid solely via commissions, the wealthy client will not touch you with a ten foot pole.  They didn't accrue all that money by giving their business to someone who's going to push products at them.

Yes. You can attract wealthy clients by putting clients' needs first, way above your own and by focusing on long term strategies to accumulate wealth.

What else? This may come as a surprise, but a great website really helps too. The new way to find anything is via the internet. Yellow pages books are being tossed into recycle bins by the ton. Wealthy clients can investigate you on the internet anonymously without any pressure.  They look for hints regarding how you get paid, your asset minimums, your credentials, and your brand.  Here's a hint: a custom website is the way to go. Template websites are fine for your first three years, but later on, you'll need to spruce up your brand with a custom site.

Wealthy clients are out there right now shopping for an advisor. What are you going to do to attract them?

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