Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 Personal Goal Planning

I am excited about what 2012 will bring! For me, 2011 had a theme and it was PERSISTENCE! Any successful person will tell you that as long as you stay on track, focus on your goals, and keep taking action you will succeed. (please also read this companion post Goal Setting Exercise)

Review and accomplishments
What have you accomplished this year?
  • Review your 2011 Business Plan - make note of what you accomplished this year. Look at your goals and review just how many of them you attained. Do you see any patterns?  
  • Create a Return on Investment spreadsheet - track where your income came from in 2011. What are the surprises? Make note of marketing tactics that take a lot of time and those that seem effortless. For 2012, get rid of non performing tactics and focus on those that work.
  • Personal development – how have you grown as a person? How has that made you better at what you do? How can you improve in 2012?

What are your personal goals for 2012?
We should all have goals that motivate us and keep us moving in a beneficial direction. What kind of goals should you have? Health Goals, Money Goals, Creative Goals, Home Environment Goals, Vacation Goals, Spiritual Goals, Lifestyle Goals, and Family Goals. Including goals in these areas help us to be more well-rounded and healthy individuals.

What's your theme for 2012?
I have laid out my goals/actions to create a carefree life here in my 2012 Goals.

2012 Personal Goals: #1 goal: debt free by September 2012; buy a 4 door truck and investigate the back roads of Arizona; vacation the entire month of August on the southern Oregon coast; complete a master bedroom and bathroom home renovation; hire a housekeeper and virtual assistant; save six months of expenses in my Vanguard Prime Money Market account; yoga, tai chi, and hypnotherapy once or twice monthly ; cardio and weights three times per week

So what are your 2012 personal goals?

Suzanne Muusers
Business Coach to Motivated Entrepreneurs