Friday, May 4, 2012

Selective Ruminations on Creating Success Rituals

I attended a conference a few months back where the speaker focused on the choices we make in life. He said that 92% of the choices we make are based on patterns in our lives, some good and some bad. In many cases, we are not aware of the damaging impact some choices have on our success.

This lead me to think about how much I have changed my patterns over the last eight years (post coach training). From getting better sleep, limiting alcohol, managing stress, and seeing happiness.

So I ask you, what can you do to create success rituals in your life?

Sleep – No matter how much sleep you are getting, you probably need at least one hour more.  I've always been a good sleeper but I've noticed that I need a very cool room in order to get into the deep sleep I need. Delta wave sleep is the goal and coolness is required to get there. When we sleep in a cool room our bodies release Human Growth Hormone which repairs damage to our bodies experienced during the day. So my husband and I installed a separate air conditioner in our master bedroom for the summer months. It gets really hot in Phoenix, so May through September I suffer from the heat.

Stress – The adrenal glands are responsible for producing hormones that manage stress. At times when we are under great stress, it makes sense to engage in rituals where we are doing our best to relax.  
If you are not exercising, practicing deep breathing, using visualization, and practicing meditation you could be missing out on natural ways to improve your health and decrease negativity in your life.

Alcohol – I love to have a glass or two of wine in the evening but I've noticed if I have more than two glasses on the weekends, I don't sleep well. I didn't understand why until I found out that alcohol breaks down into heat – energy is converted into heat in the body, which can prevent restful sleep. That's why a cool room is necessary for good health.

Happiness – Why do we work so hard at being successful? What's it all for? If we are not engaged in social activities where we are meeting people, going parties, spending time with family and friends, then why work so hard? Happiness comes from within. Do activities that make you happy. Being with people makes me happy. Even though my job is solitary, I make sure to get out and socialize because being with people makes me happy.

What are you doing to be happier? What success rituals are you creating in your life?

Suzanne Muusers
Success Coach to Motivated Entrepreneurs