Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Success Ritual for Achieving Your Goals by the End of the Year

It's late in the year. Have you seen your goals? Have they shriveled up from too much summer sun? Have they become dejected due to inattention? Or have they developed muscles from being stretched to a comfortable repetition?
In a few short weeks, as few as six, many of us will start focusing on the holidays and all the festivities they entail. Neglecting your business or your goals could cost you dearly. Imagine the momentum you could lose if you don't maintain focus.
Here's a process I use to stay focused on my goals, even during the holidays.
First Imagine your vision – What do you want your business to do during the next three months? What kind of income do you want? How many new clients do you want to attract? What Big Picture Goals will you find time to work on? How much free time do you want to enjoy? Plan NOW for what you want.
Second Write it down – on a 3 x 5 index card, write down what you want to have achieved in the next three months. What would that look like? Write it down in the present tense as if you already have this success in your life. write the date you want to achieve it by.
Here's an example: "12/24/2013. I'm so happy that I have 5 new clients! Thank you bank account for delivering ten new passive revenue sales this month totaling $1500. And I have 8 new signups for my workshop!"
Put the index card in your top office drawer so that you see it every day. Or tape it to your office wall.
ThirdFeel it! Every time you see your index card, think about what it would be like to achieve what you want. Would you have a great holiday? Would you be smiling? What would your bank statement look like? Believe in yourself and your capabilities! Feel the success!
The key is that you MUST do each step. Writing it down without imagining the possibilities is pointless. Not being able to see the index card will mean out of sight, out of mind.
Then, think about all the scary things you need to be doing to achieve this goal. Who do you need to call? Who do you need to email? What favors do you need to ask? Who do you need to BE to get what you want?
This works. Just keep doing it. Don't neglect your business during this season. You will be ahead of the pack because you never stopped.
Be the best person you can be!
Prosperity Coaching LLC

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