Friday, September 18, 2009

Set Your Success Intentions

We've all be waiting quite some time for the US recession to peter out. The powers that be have said that since the recession has been so deep, that it would take some time to come out of it. Well, we are coming out of the recession. The signs are everywhere… except in our minds.
Here are snippets of what I've heard at networking events recently:
"…you do still have clients don’t you?"
"… I don't want those kinds of clients (the one who have bad credit) because they are difficult to deal with"
"…nobody has any money"
"…people are raiding their 401k plans"
"…you don't know how tough it is out there"
I propose that we stop complaining and start setting "Success Intentions." By focusing on what's possible if we take responsibility for our financial situation we can lose the "failure attitude" that is so prevalent.
Do you want success in your life? Do you want to reach your full potential? Do you want to stop suffering? If you answered yes to these questions, then I have some advice for you.
Here's the deal:

  • Stop complaining
  • Take control of your future
  • Take action
  • Invest in your business
  • Envision the possibilities
  • Get to work on the bigger picture of your business

Every time you notice that you are complaining, pinch yourself and turn the behavior around. I fell into the trap yesterday. I was driving along in my cute red sports car when I complained to my husband that the car had broken down in the past week and needed more work done soon. I said "I hope this piece of *rap doesn't break down on me." Then I realized what I had just said. I caressed the dash board, corrected myself and said "This is a great car and it's going to get me where I need to go without any problems."
Remaining positive in a world mired in negativity is difficult to do. But the alternative is wallowing in pity and being stuck in inactivity. Don't do it. Keep moving. Action cures anxiety.
Read this post about giving yourself an attitude adjustment if you need related resources.

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