Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Is success in the mind?

That's a question that was posed to me recently. Yes, absolutely true. Success is all about what's going on in our mind and what we think about ourselves and our capabilities. If we are too busy focused on the news, the TV, and the negativity on the internet, we can't focus on being positive. Or if we are too busy blaming others or being stuck in "woe is me" then we'll dig a big hole for ourselves.  

So how do you get out of your mind and into a positive frame of reference?

1.       1. Stop drinking in the bad news. The media is happy to sell us all the negativity we want to take in. They know bad news sells. When you run into bad news, change the channel.
2.      2.  Get clarity about what you should be doing. Ask yourself daily "What is the best use of my time?" Focus on what you CAN do not what you can't do.
3.     3.   Look for opportunities – they are all around us. There are always opportunities that we are not taking advantage of. Think carefully – what opportunity have you let fall by the wayside? 

Monday, June 21, 2010

Best Business Networking Strategies

There's nothing like face to face in person business networking to grow your business.  Meeting a prospect at a networking event presents an opportunity to get to know people in a relaxed environment.

A question I'm frequently asked is "What's the best strategy when networking?"  To better understand networking, let's look at the different types of networking events:

Leads groups – one member per occupation
Trade membership organizations – architects, attorneys, home builders, women business owners
Special interest events – wine, art, movies
Business chambers – local business owners

My preference in order of effectiveness is the first three types of groups.  I like leads groups because you develop deeper business relationships and have a group of professionals to refer your own clients to. I like trade organizations because I always think it's better to be one business coach or one financial advisor in a trade organization rather than competing against many others in a general networking environment. I absolutely love special interest groups because I love wine and art and if belonging to one of these groups allows me to build my business while enjoying what I love to do, so much the better. My least favorite group is a business chamber. To be effective networking at this kind of group, you will need to be on a committee or heading up some sort of special sub group, otherwise you are just one of many who belong to a chamber.  

To find out what type of group works best for you, your best bet is to visit 3-5 different groups. Many cities have a business networking web site that lists events in a calendar format.

Here are a few resources to help you network more effectively
Feel more confident when networking: Four Ways to Be a Better Networker
Don't know what to say when networking? Maybe it's time to update or Write Your 30 Second Commercial?

Suzanne Muusers