Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Where Do You Get Motivation?

Do you think it's possible to grow a successful business without motivation and a positive attitude?  I was asked this question yesterday and thought deeply about whether success is dependent upon motivation. I'm sure there are businesses where the owner has a negative attitude yet new clients come in the door like clockwork. But I'm willing to bet that without motivation, it's far more difficult to build a business.

So just how does one get motivated?
You have to get excited about your business and the possibilities! We all need to be reminded of the big vision and the energy we feel when we think about what we're building.  It's natural to have highs and lows but we must learn to uphold a positive attitude no matter what.  To let fear or doubt in the door is to take the wind out of our sails.  

Here are a few things you can do to get more motivation:
  • Declaration - Type out your BIG GOAL and post it at your desk so that you see it daily. Remind yourself what it is you want to achieve.
  • Read - Subscribe to a success-focused publication. Reading about success breads successful habits.
  • Inspiration - Listen to motivational CD's in your car and in your office. By surrounding yourself with positive messages, you will create a new mindset.
  • Articulate - Talk to people about your big goals and the life you want. By verbalizing your desires, you will make the commitment to achieve them.
  • Dream - Close your eyes and envision your life as though you have achieved your goals. What are you doing? Where are you living? What is your life like? If your mind's eye can see it, you can believe it.

I've always said, in order to be successful you must have not only a vision of what you want to achieve, but also a positive attitude and the motivation to succeed.

Suzanne Muusers
Scottsdale, Arizona

Monday, May 17, 2010

Client Appreciation Golf Event

Making a name for yourself is what it's all about.  If you don't stand out, you'll have a tough time positioning your practice to attract quality clients.  That's where client appreciation events come in. I have always said that doing what you love while building your business is the fun way to accomplish your goals. If you love what you do, financial success will follow.

Do you love Golf? Having a golf event to show client appreciation is an example of doing what you love to build your practice. Part of building deeper relationships with clients is getting away from the business environment and really connecting on a deeper level. 

Golf events can be anything from eight players on a golf outing to a tournament with lessons from a golf pro. It all depends on your budget and how many clients you want to invite.

Last month, one of my clients organized a golfing event for his clients. He invited ten A clients and asked each of them to bring one guest. He divided the group into great players, average players, and "needs help" players.  Each group met with his local golf pro and practiced a few corrections and new techniques.  After the lessons, the group played the course. Afterwards, they all had lunch. My client reported that he has two interested prospects from the group, but more than that, he and his clients had a great time getting to know one another outside the business environment.  His total cost for hosting this event was less than $1,000.00.

If hosting a wine event is more your style, read Marketing With Wine Events or read the entire post about Client Appreciation Events.

Suzanne Muusers
Business Coaching for Entrepreneurial Advisors