Friday, January 30, 2009

Do You Celebrate Your Success?

One way to overcome all the negative press and negative energy around us is to celebrate pleasant things that happen to us daily.

Every single one of us has great things happening to us every single day, but we don’t realize it. It's easy to succumb to the unyielding, depressing news out there. We must maintain a positive attitude. We must move forward.

My husband and I celebrate our success every single day of the week. How do we manage to do that you ask? As we share dinner each evening, we give three examples of good things that we were involved in or that happened to us that day.

I maintain that there is so much good happening around us that we forget. We move past the good and focus on the bad. It's the traffic jam, the inconsiderate person in front of us in the line at Starbucks, the computer program that won't cooperate – these are the things we focus on.

But we all have great things happening to us every day. Even if it is as simple as having a pleasant walk with the dog, or the nice person who struck up a conversation with you at a seminar, we DO have special things happening daily.

So what I want for you is to start practicing gratitude and celebrate your success daily. Put this ritual into practice in your life and take notice of the great things that are happening all around you.

Suzanne Muusers
Business Coach for Entrepreneurs and Financial Advisors

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Are you Truly Happy?

What makes a person happy?
Can true happiness come from material things or does it depend on what's inside you?

I've always been a fan of "If life gives you lemons you make lemonade" so I believe you make your own destiny.

What do you think of this quote by The Happiness Coach Donna Schilder, PCC?

"The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything."

During this economic downturn it's useful to think about fear and how it stops us from being truly happy. Do yourself a favor and read this great article by Donna Schilder, PCC about how fear robs us of exciting experiences and how we can all make our own happiness.

Suzanne Muusers
Business Coach for Entrepreneurs and Financial Advisors

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A New Era of Hope is Coming!

Today we witnessed the inauguration of Barack Obama. This is quite a momentous occasion indeed. For me, President Obama stands for hope and freedom. I particularly liked his promise of "action, bold and swift" and that he vowed that "the traditional divide between liberal and conservative are over."

Mr. Obama has certainly shown that he wants to include liberals and conservative alike not only in his administration, but also his advisory board. I just hope that he shows restraint in taxing the Amercian public. The last thing we need is higher taxes or placing the burden of societal woes on the shoulders of business owners and entrepreneurs.

Here's to a new era of hope and a wish for prosperity in 2009!

Suzanne Muusers
Business Coach for Entrepreneurs and Financial Advisors

Friday, January 16, 2009

Time for a new 30 second elevator speech!

It's time to create a new 30 second elevator speech!

I spoke with a small business owner recently about motivation and how to keep going out there to get new clients. He had decided to skip several networking events since there was a cost of $25 or so for each. He had essentially stopped networking all together. The first thing we decided was that he should NOT stop networking.

Despite all the negativity in the media, you should not stop networking. Instead, I propose that you work on a new 30 second elevator speech. It might be time to reinvent yourself and create a new "HOOK", something to make you different and memorable.

Follow this link to a Step-by-Step Guide to Writing your Elevator Speech.

My best advice is to stay positive, keep moving, and reinvent yourself. You will be in a much better position if you maintain activity and put on your thinking cap.

Suzanne Muusers
Business Coach for Entrepreneurs and Financial Advisors