Monday, March 28, 2011

HOOKS and BENEFITS in your Financial Advisor Elevator Speech

While helping a client today with his elevator speech, it dawned on me that this topic would make a great blog post.  We could all use help explaining succinctly what it is we do for our clients. Our "elevator pitch" or "30 Second Commercial" is one of the best ways of explaining our worth to non clients and can help us obtain better referrals to our ideal clients.

Follow this link here to a Step by Step Exercise to Write your 30 Commercial. You can improve your elevator speech by working on it. Don't sound like all the other advisors out there.   Dare to be different!  

Instead of starting off with "My name is Steven and I'm a financial advisor" we should use a HOOK to get the listener's attention, otherwise the audience may tune out or not hear what we're saying.

Here are some lead in phrases or HOOKS to start off your 30 Second Commercial:
Imagine your life with…
Did you know that…?
Now you can have…
Do you want more X in your life?
Does your business need…?
The secret of X…
Have you joined the X revolution?
Get rid of (problem) once and for all…
Here's a quick way to (solve a problem)…

Perhaps the biggest mistake we can make is explaining FEATURES versus telling BENEFITS.  Learn to use benefits in your 30 second commercial so as to explain the end result of working with you.

Here are some common finance-related benefits for advisors to use in an elevator pitch:
  • Achieve prosperity
  • Free up time to do other things
  • Simplify life - go from complicated to easy
  • Find peace of mind - no more worry
  • Retire early
  • Live a stress free retirement
  • Achieve goals more quickly
  • Invest intelligently
  • Live the good life
  • Clarify lifetime goals
  • Build a dream home
  • Improve future potential
  • Replace income
  • Achieve lifetime goals
  • Find financial freedom
  • Live a beachside retirement
  • Obtain clarity of financial direction
  • Plan for a carefree, wealthy retirement
  • Prepare for life's emergencies
  • Take care of loved ones
  • Work less, have more fun
  • Leave a legacy
  • Find a financial solution
  • Discover financial wellness

Suzanne Muusers

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