Friday, April 15, 2011

How to Create a GREAT Tagline

Is there something missing from your business brand? When prospects hear or see your business name, do they understand or "get" what you are about? If not, could it be that you need a tagline? A tagline, also known as a slogan, is a great way to position a company in a specific target industry and can add value by communicating a distinct message that may be missing in an otherwise good brand.

When we think of good taglines, it's usually the ones that are short and snappy such as "Just Do It" or "Eat Fresh." Other memorable taglines are those that rhyme such as "Takes a licking and keeps on ticking" and "Don't Get Mad, Get GLAD."  So a good tagline is memorable and "sticks" in the brain.

As a student of branding, I often study business cards and websites. I find that the majority do not have a tagline, and even if they do they are missing one crucial element that would make them GREAT: the main BENEFIT that the target client would receive by working with the firm.

Checklist for a GREAT tagline:
*No more than 7 words (3-4 would be even better)
*Speaks to the firm's target client
*Finishes off the brand with a positive "message"
*Identifies a BENEFIT

Here's a PDF exercise that lays out a step by step procedure to create a tagline that you can save right to your own computer. It takes time to create a tagline, so don't rush it. I recommend that you brainstorm a few taglines and then put it away to come back later. You'll then find that one or two will jump out at you as being more effective than the others.  Then, ask a few of your best clients which one best exemplifies your business and your brand. That's when you'll find the best one.

Suzanne Muusers

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