Monday, September 12, 2011

You Deserve It When You Earn It

My husband and I just returned from a long weekend in Northern Arizona where we hung out with family, made some delicious meals, drank some good wine, and had a great time. We certainly deserved to take time off as we have been very busy the past few months with new products and new clients and we really needed the rest. 

How hard are you working in your business?
Are you really doing all you can to grow personally and professionally?

Have you ever met people who coast along on others' coattails? They seem to be successful but on closer inspection they have simply hitched a ride on someone else's success. This was the case with my husband's former business partner who announced one summer that he and his non-working spouse were taking a six-week trip up the California coast because they deserved it. They then proceeded to raid the company checking account at every stop they made taking money for assorted non-business expenses. In my book, they would have deserved it if they had saved up the funds in their own account. Thankfully my husband is no longer in business with this lazy crook and accomplice wife and he's much better off.

Have you hitched a ride on someone else's success? Do you feel that you deserve to take time off? If you've been putting real effort into your business growth then you certainly deserve it. Unfortunately many people say they deserve a break or reward when in fact they don't.

A new Florida client recently confided in me that he has been riding an accidental success wave without any real effort by accepting referrals from a powerful CPA. He's grown by mostly luck. Now that the CPA has retired he has realized he's actually going to have to do some real work.  

You deserve success when you EARN it. What are you doing to earn it?

Suzanne Muusers