Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How to Market Your Client Appreciation Event and Get the Word Out – Step by Step

Client appreciation events can be a very effective way to market your financial advisory practice, and if done correctly, can lead to happy clients, increased revenue, referrals to wealthy prospects, and increased satisfaction with your practice and your life.

This post will lay out a path to getting the word out about your event so that you can reap the benefits of a well-attended event through a systemized way of marketing. If you haven't already decided what type of event to host, see this list here. Just like any marketing event, to maximize attendance, you should count on a minimum of four touches to your client list. Any less than four could mean poor attendance and a waste of your marketing dollars.

The question is: How do you market your events so that they are well-attended? 

Here is a Client Appreciation Event Checklist for marketing your event:

Step 1
Two months in advance, use your monthly e-newsletter to create anticipation by issuing a "Save the Date" reminder. Many people don't attend an event because they haven’t been given enough notice. Think about yourself. How far in advance does your calendar book with parties and events?

Step 2
One month in advance, send out an official invitation. Spend some time selecting the invitation design. Use a custom designer or find something in stock from a stationary store that you can print on your desk top printer. You will want to BRAND your event and create anticipation. Think about the parties you have wanted to attend. What was it that made you want to go?

Here are a few invitation sites I really like:

Step 3
Two weeks in advance, send out an email reminder that is specifically for this event. The subject line should read "Reminder | Don't Miss the Fun at Event Name on Date." In the email, give all the details of the event and a map to get there.

Step 4
One week in advance, get on the phone and start calling people. Although you may have asked for an RSVP, few people these days actually take the time to confirm attendance. By getting on the phone and asking for a commitment you could double the attendance and the success of your event.

Here's a sample script:

"Hi Bob – It's Jane with XYZ Financial Planners office calling to confirm your attendance at our Client Appreciation Event on Date. We are sure to have loads of fun and would love to see you there. Please call us at xxx-xxx-xxxx or email us at email address.  

It should be your goal to create a memorable Client Appreciation Event, one that your clients will talk about to their friends and associates. By putting in time and effort up front, you will greatly improve your chances of success.

Suzanne Muusers

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