Friday, September 25, 2009

Marketing and Perseverance

"Victory belongs to the most persevering." Napoleon
What is the most necessary ingredient in a great marketing plan? No, it's not some funky, new, state of the art marketing tactic. No, there is no secret tip or tool that will be a doozie, whiz bang, huge success that brings clients screaming in droves to your front door.

The most necessary ingredient in a great marketing plan is your Persistence! Successful marketing means picking five to seven tactics and repeating them over and over again for at least six months, sometimes one year.

My client learned this recently. Despite sending Press Releases for his events, the media was ignoring him. Each time a new event was scheduled he reluctantly sent another release, at my urging. Finally, the phone rang. It was a new sign up for his event. Then it happened again. And again. He learned that several publications had published his event.


That's what it takes to build a business - more clients - through strategy.  If you create a good strategy and stick to it you will enjoy success.

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