Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Got Prospects in Your Pipeline?

Are you where you want to be with your business goals? I'm referring to a post about Lack of Progress on Your Goals I wrote in September. Summer is long gone and you've got about four to six weeks to aggressively promote your business. If you don't have enough prospects in your pipeline, you may want to set up an Outbound Calling Program.

Here's an example of an Outbound Calling Program:

Follow up on all your leads consistently by planning when you will pick up the phone –one hour a day or one day a week – schedule time. Follow up with those you meet at networking events, referrals given to you by your clients, and friends and family – research shows that close to 80% of leads are never followed up!!

Persistence Pays – research further shows that we tend to give up on prospects far too early. It can take between 4-10 contacts to book an appointment, so follow up consistently.

Use a Contact Management Program – You need to be keeping track of prospects – what they say, when they want you to call again, what they asked you to send them. I've heard good things about RedTail Technology.

Prospector - If your budget allows, use a non sales person to do the prospecting for you – hire a prospector who does nothing but make phone calls and book appointments. There are services that do this. These folks are accustomed to rejection and let it fall off their backs like water off a duck.

Many advisors are opposed to cold calling, warm calling, or any calling. The fact is that it's good for business growth to shake the bushes and get new clients through prospecting via phone. If you get a handle on getting more prospects in your pipeline, you'll be far better off than most.

Suzanne Muusers

Business Coach for Financial Advisors

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