Monday, May 11, 2009

Prosperous Business: Using Video Marketing to Grow Your Business

The following is an interview with Joey Sampaga and Linda Hall, partners in First Priority Financial, a Mortgage Brokerage located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Joey and Linda have managed to build a highly successful mortgage business in a challenging market by partnering and using Video Marketing to stand out from the crowd. See a sample of their video marketing below.

Tell us about your business
First Priority Financial is a Mortgage Brokerage. We mainly focus on Residential Home Loans (Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, Jumbo, 203K, etc.). We do purchase and refinance transactions.

How are you handling the current economic environment?
We have truly been blessed during these economic times. Our business has be extremely busy. One thing we don’t do is listen to negative media. In fact, we are always surrounding ourselves with other motivated and successful people to keep the enthusiasm and the positive energy flowing.

What makes you different and able to do well in the face of negativity all around us?
One thing that really sets us apart is the “Giving Without Expectations” type mentality. We go the extra mile to provide value, education and enrichment to our clients and to our referral partners. We look forward to finding and using the latest technology to help our clients and referral partners get to the next level. One of the technologies we use is Video “VIRAL” Marketing. I feel that one of the most important things we do is we stick to the basics… building our relationships with our Clients and Referral Partners by telephone, hand written notes and the latest communication technologies. Of course, nothing can beat the “Personal Touches.”

Tell us about the marketing tactics that are working for you in spite of this economy:
As mentioned previously, what is working for us is:
1. Phone Calls
2. Hand Written Notes
3. Face-to-Face meetings
4. Video “VIRAL” Marketing (this brands you as a true professional, people will like and trust you… if done right).
I know I listed four things, however, I would classify them under the “Personal Touch” category.

What advice do you have for those starting a business right now?
Stick to the basics. Build relationships with your clients and referral partners. Be personal and genuinely care about them. I always say that people love to do business with people they like. Make your phone calls, then write a personal note, then setup a face-to-face meeting. Create Video “VIRAL” Marketing videos to keep your face in front of them.

Here's a sample of Joey's Video "Kick Your Own Butt 101" with Dawn McAuley:
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You can subscribe to Joey's Video Marketing here: Kick Your Own Butt 101

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