Monday, April 19, 2010

4 Habits to Manage Your Time Effectively

Can you really manage time? We all want to be more effective with our time, so it's not a matter of controlling time; it's a matter of controlling your activities. What you CAN do is manage what you focus on. Here are a few tips to help you manage your time more effectively.

  1. Plan your day every day. When you get to the office, or before you go home the night before, decide what you'll spend your time on.
  2. Write your goals down daily on a piece of paper. The repetition of listing your goals helps your subconscious mind guide your daily actions. What is your revenue goal this month? How many new clients do you want this month?
  3. Ask yourself daily “What is my main goal today?  and list it on your piece of paper.  Whenever you find yourself wasting time, ask yourself if what you are doing is contributing to reaching your goals.
  4. Also ask yourself "Am I being productive?"  Productive activities lead to business income.  If you’re not being productive, stop and reassess.  Ask yourself if you are being busy to look busy, and if you are moving your business forward.

It's still early in 2010 so you can work on achieving your annual goals by being efficient with your time. There's no better time than now to grow your business and prosper.

Suzanne Muusers
Prosperous Advisor Coaching Program

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