Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Business Goals for 2010

It's February already! Time is going by too quickly. I think that's because I'm getting older. Last Thursday was my birthday which makes me keenly aware of the passage of time.  

Ten years ago I reinvented myself. I went from gift store mogul/international business woman, to corporate relationship manager/project manager. Then six years ago the pendulum swung back to entrepreneur once again.  Because we are entering a new decade I've done a bit more work on business goals this year.

Have you worked on yours?

I reviewed my goals from last year and discovered that I accomplished SO MUCH! The power of having a business plan and making an appointment with yourself to review progress propelled me forward. Here are some of the things I accomplished last year:
·         Spent more time with my family – went camping and had dinner parties
  • Took two products to market – created two new websites
  • Tripled the number of unique visitors to my Web sites – more traffic means more exposure
  • Added ten new sample business plans to one of my products
  • Published an article in three  prominent publications
  • Created a video for one of my products – this was a learning experience
  • Gave six speeches to groups – increased my exposure immeasurably
  • Increased gross revenue 10% - even in a downturn I was able to increase revenue
  • Increased my skills by reading 24 books on entrepreneurship, marketing, and success!

Then I really thought about what I want in my life in 2010 and made a list:
  • I want to work out five times a week – walking, hiking, biking, weight training – only things I love to do – it's now or never with my healthy habits – I've always been active, but I want regularity and I want to be fit
  • I want to mentor more women business owners – I've been lucky to be mentored by my father, a successful international business man – now I want to pass on my experience to women who don’t have the same role models
  • I want to sell one information product per day – I will need to write more this year in order to promote my products and sell more
  • I only want to accept new clients who are ideal clients this year – clients who have similar values and understand my Mission Statement
  • I want to apply for the next level of certification within the coaching profession – I believe in the professionalism of coaching; I stand for expert credentials
  • I want to surround myself with beautiful things in my office. Plants, fountains, candles, artwork, wood blinds, wood credenzas, and plenty of space and light!

As I gaze at the Vision Board I created years ago, I realize that I have accomplished much of what I set out to do in my coaching business. I am successful because I TOOK ACTION.   I created a vision of what I wanted my life to resemble and I designed my marketing plan around not only making things happen, but visualizing success.

I'd love to hear what your business goals are for the year.  What new products, services, events, desires, talents, etc do you want this year?

Grow Your Business and Prosper!
Suzanne Muusers
Business Coach for Financial Advisors


Jacque said...


I stumbled onto your blog this morning, I am a first time visitor. I loved reading your goals for the year. Two of them jumped out at me- only taking on the "right" kind of clients and surrounding yourself with beauty. I hope you don't mind if I take both of these ideas and modify my own goals for the coming year to reflect the insight you have provided. Best of luck on your pursuits.


Suzanne Muusers said...

Jacque, thank you for sharing. Yes, the right kind of clients can make a big difference to your happiness and success. And why not surround ourselves with beautiful things in our work environment? It will only help us be more productive!