Monday, February 16, 2009

Is Technophobia Keeping You From Growing Your Business?

Newsflash: I'm hearing more and more about technophobia - the fear of using technology to grow a business. This may mean fear of using the latest social media, fear of using a website for growth, or simply fear of using internet marketing to bring more traffic to your website. I hear murmurs from all walks of life – from the one person start up to the ultra successful independent professional.

What I hear:
"I don't want to write a blog. It's too much work."
"Huh? What's Twitter?"
"Write articles? I don't have time for that."
"I'm not computer savvy so that stuff scares me."
"Why would I need Search Engine Optimization? My clients all know I have a website. (I wonder why I haven't gotten any new clients lately)."
"All that stuff is just a waste of time."
"Send out an ezine? What would I say?"

The truth is using technology to grow your business is a sound strategy that ANY business can utilize. If it seems like a huge undertaking, start small. Analyze your website statistics and find out where your traffic is coming from and what keywords are being used to find you. Then build a strategy based on the results.

One thing is clear, the world has changed and if you don't change with it you'll realize far less success that others who got on the technology bus.

Suzanne Muusers
Business Coach for Entrepreneurs and Financial Advisors

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