Friday, October 24, 2008

Prosperous Businesses - Peak Concierge Services

The Prosperous Business Series - This is the first in a series of posts about business owners that continue to market and take risks to build their businesses and do so with a smile on their face.

Tell us about your business concept

Our Motto at Peak Concierge Services is: Call the Peak. Call it Done! This motto really tells it all. If you have a closet that needs organized, an event that needs planed, or a car that has to be detailed - call the Peak. We offer a great variety of Personal Assistance and Concierge Services, incl. grocery shopping, errand running, pet and house sitting, complete house management, event planning and co-ordination … the list is endless.

How are you handling the current economic environment?

I am very grounded in understanding that my personal "reality" (what I believe, what I chose to focus on, etc.) has a much greater impact on my business then the overall economic environment. That is not to say we are not affected by it - we just find ways to make it work in our favor. For example: New home builders are really struggling at the moment - so we created a value added proposal for them to differentiate their upscale neighborhood in the market place. Peak Concierge Services has just been approved by another Home Owner Association to offer services directly to the home buyers! This is a direct result of the changed economic environment.

Tell us something about your business philosophy? What makes you different and able to do well in the face of negativity all around us?

We start our day with 5 minutes of noticing and appreciating all the good that we bring to clients and the good that we have in our lives - that really has an impact! Our services are very personal and we earn our clients trust with every visit, every task completed. Our business philosophy is to provide a great experience each and every time we do something for our clients. Here is an example: quite a few of our homeowners have second homes here in the valley - so at the initial visit we place an " Ancient Prayer for the traveler" on their bed - welcoming them to their second home -I cannot tell you how many compliments we have received for this gesture. So our philosophy is to "WOW" our clients and trust that they are telling their friends about us - and this really works.

Tell us one marketing tactic that is working for you in spite of this economy

We think about how we can let clients know about our services in an inexpensive way! We have an internal competition going on: Who can think about more "free" creative ways to get the word out about Peak Concierge Services… and it works. Also using great resources like the book "Get Clients Now" and Networking with successful individuals that share some of the same ideas also helps a lot. Despite what we hear on the news - the sky is still up there and there remains plenty of work that needs to be done!!! Now more than ever we can prove that we help with the positive change in our client's lives!

What advice do you have for those starting a business right now?

Get really clear on why you want to start a business and what value you are offering to your clients. The clearer the vision the easier it will be to find the way there. Then, surround yourself with positive influential individuals, find a mentor, and listen! Believe in yourself and prepare to work hard (with a smile on your face) and off you go!

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