Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What are your 3 Critical Business Functions?

It's easy to forget.

Easy to forget what you need to be doing with the majority of your time. Yesterday I got caught up in processing an online order for my city newspaper. Believe it or not it took me an hour to purchase my newspaper subscription online. I could have called the 800 number and have processed the order in far less time. But I wanted to use the online system. I found out at the end of the process that I would be billed for the entire twelve months at one time. So then I really had to call the 800 number to straighten out the mess.

I wasted my time with this task. But when I looked back on my day, I realized that I had spent the majority of my time doing what I needed to do.

  • Do you make it a habit to review your day?
  • Do you use your time productively?
  • Did you spend time on critical business functions?

What are critical business functions? These are the business activities that only you can accomplish with great success.  These are not tasks that can be delegated to your assistant. These are tasks where you shine.  These are tasks that help you grow your business and make your clients happy.  

Here are my three critical business functions.
  1. Writing content for one of my four websites. Content positions me as an expert in my field. Creating content for my blog and my websites brings me traffic which also brings me qualified prospects.
  2. Consulting with serious prospects. The qualified prospects that end up in my sales funnel go on a journey learning more about me and how I can help them focus on their business and create success. I don't have time to consult with everyone, so I put prospects through a process to determine if I should utilize my time consulting with them.
  3. Coaching my clients. Once a prospect becomes a client, I meet with them via phone weekly helping them focus on their goals and strategize various business and marketing tactics. The time I spend working with my clients is the most enjoyable to me.

What are your three critical business functions?  What should you spend your time doing? What are you wasting your time on right now?

Suzanne Muusers
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