Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Lost Art of the Thank You Card

I've been sending out a lot of hand-written thank you cards lately. I find really nicely designed thank you cards at Trader Joe's and AJ's and I just get the urge to send them. You wouldn't believe the response I get when the recipient receives the card. I usually get a phone call from them gushing about "taking the time to send a hand-written card" and "thank you so much for thinking of me."

We have become such a digital world we forget about the impact such a simple action can have.  We now have email, ezines, newsletters, evite.com, and the like.  While it's nice to save paper on such niceties and be "green," getting a card in the mail is like getting a present.  When you send someone a card through the mail, I am betting that it stays on their desk for quite some time.

As I glance over my desk, I see a hand-written card I received from a financial advisor I met last month at the Financial Planning Association meeting. He asked me for advice on where he should get coach training. I gave him a few choice pointers and several days later received a beautiful zen-like card from him thanking me for the tips. You can bet that I'll keep that card for a long time.

So how can you use thank you cards in your business? What occasions would be suitable for a thank you card?

How about:
Birthday cards
Nice to meet you cards
Thank you for the referral cards (as part of a written referral program)
Congratulations for your achievement
Sympathy cards
Wedding cards

What would happen to your referrals if you wrote 5 thank you cards per week? Would your client relationships deepen? Would you spread goodwill and kindness?

Maybe thank you cards should be part of your Marketing Plan and part of your week!
Grow Your Business and Prosper!
Suzanne Muusers
ICF-Credentialed Business Coach

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