Monday, July 20, 2009

What is your Business Identity?

At lunch on Friday a client asked me "What is a Business Identity?"
It's not easy to define a business identity, but I'll give it a shot.
A Business Identity is the feeling or aura you create for your company. It is sometimes explained as a "personality." Your identity helps to communicate who you are and the nuts and bolts of what you offer.
A business owner usually works with a professional designer to create a Business Identity.
I don't consider a business to be fully grown until it has an identity. There are plenty of successful businesses who have never established an identity and many may think they don't need to, but I think they are wrong. These businesses are usually the ones who cut corners by not hiring a professional designer to design their identity, logo, and brand. This business owner may never get to the next level by maximizing their brand potential.
A professional Business Identity allows you to charge more, attract your ideal clients, maintain a competitive advantage, and maximize your business potential. It is a crucial component of Effortless Marketing.
What does my Business Identity say about me?
Prosperity Coaching LLC is a professional Business Coaching company.
The colors I have chosen are fun: Red, Purple, Green, Yellow - and the colors work well together.
My design is professional and expert.
My business personality is all about: Expertise; Entrepreneurship; Marketing; Success; Fun; and Creativity.
If you've never thought about your Business Identity, I urge you to consider doing so soon. You could spend time working through the process and come out of this recession with a new look. This is an INVESTMENT in your business, not an expense.
The best way to create your Business Identity is to get together with your staff and a professional designer and create a list of values you want to communicate. Then think about your personality.
  • Are you fun or serious?
  • Are you professional or laid back?
  • What colors represent your business personality?
  • What benefits do you provide your clients?
I recommend that you read this interview with Ken Peters about Branding which will give you a professional designer's insight into what makes a Brand successful.

Suzanne Muusers

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