Friday, March 27, 2009

Are you getting ready?

Here we are still plodding along in an economy that doesn't know what to do. In a poll conducted last January by Financial Advisor magazine, 75% of advisors though the market would go to 10,000 and only 25% thought it would go to 6,000.
Who knew it would go below 7000?? Since turning back from crazy unprecedented lows, positive news is starting to trickle in affecting the market in positive ways. Could it be that we are already experiencing the come back? Judging by historical trends, most recessions last 18 months or less and the recovery begins when we least expect it. Plus, we don't know we are in a recovery until we are out of it!!!

** So, what are you doing to get ready??
** What new marketing strategies are you working on that will set you apart from the competiton?
** How will you hit the ground running during this turnaround?

One way to hit the ground running is to read an article I wrote this month about Effortless Marketing and how to draw business to you using the internet. We all know that the world is changing. Traditional print advertising, newspapers, and the yellow pages are going the way of the dinosaur. Make sure you don't get left behind by reading the article and implementing this strategy to get new clients via the World Wide Web.

On a personal note, I have been busy creating a 10-week Marketing E-Course for financial advisor that will be available on my website for purchase in the next few weeks. An E-Course is just like a class you would take in person only it is administered via the internet. Once purchased, the student receives an emailed lesson via an autoresponder on a weekly basis. The student has one week to complete the lesson before the next lesson is received in his/her in box. Stay tuned for more!

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