Monday, December 3, 2007

Go ahead. Google me! Make my day.

Have you ever done a google vanity search?

You know what I mean. Have you ever googled yourself late at night when no one was watching? If your name is Joe Smith, have a seat and good luck searching. But if your name is Suzanne Muusers, and you happen to be a Business Coach for Entrepreneurs and Financial Advisors, and you are of Australian Dutch decent, then it’s pretty easy.

Tonight while watching a fascinating evening of Monday Night Football with my husband (warning – sarcasm present), I decided to google myself on my husband’s laptop (he has wireless internet access AND a MAC). I became acutely aware of how important it is to know how to OPTIMIZE YOUR WEBSITE FOR THE SEARCH ENGINES.

It never fails. When I first start working with a client they are nowhere in the organic search engine results for their key words (the unpaid natural results). They may have used a no-name, bargain-basement web designer to create their site without understanding that it takes more than design skills to build a successful site.

There’s no shame in it. I did it way back in 1999. I hired a guy to create my gallery/gift store website not understanding that a low price is not always a good value. Not only did the guy not know a thing about good design, he didn’t know anything about search engine optimization (SEO). It was a complete waste of my $500.00.

So tonight I googled some of my key words (internet search terms associated with what I do best, what I’m known for) without adding my name. I typed in “Business Coach for Financial Advisors”. I came up number 4 NATIONALLY for these key words. I typed in “Business Coach for Entrepreneurs” and I’m number two NATIONWIDE.

I have intentionally made myself a specialist in Search Engine Optimization. I have taken classes, workshops, teleclasses, attended conferences, all so that I could understand for myself what SEO could do for me and my clients.

How are you ranked?

Did your web designer utilize design and SEO? Did you obtain a good value or waste your money? No matter your answer, let me coach you how to create an Effortless Marketing strategy to draw clients to you. This is what I do best.

Grow Your Business and Prosper!
Suzanne Muusers
Business Coach for Entrepreneurs and Financial Advisors

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